Too many ideas, form an orderly queue.

Recent discovery of UPDD TUIO has opened up a wealth of new possibilities. This adds somewhat to the growing list of sub projects to accomplish. Apologies in advance to Windows users….
Modulator VST plugin for Reaper (mac only).
Ableton Push VST plugin for Reaper (mac only).
Icon Platform M VST plugin for Reaper (mac only).
Max touchscreen gui object to control Reaper extensively, incorporating multitouch support via OSC on an iiyama 24″ 10 point touchscreen (mac only).
Key words and phrases for the coming months are TUIO, OSC, MIDI, C++, C, lua, point x, point y, Xcode, Targeted internet searches, thanks, trial, error, elation, frustration.
Key word to aim for – Success!
To be continued…..